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About Me

Versatile Executive for Strategy, Marketing, Digital, Product, Innovation

  • 20+ years in start-ups, turnarounds, Proofs-of-concept (POCs), Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), product/business launches
  • B2B and B2C, P&L management, management consulting
  • Have worked for 7 startups and 4 Fortune 200 companies and can combine the best of both worlds, plus entrepreneurial problem-solving and Lean Startup best practices 
  • Awarded for coaching/mentoring and talent development, morale/motivation
  • Superior reputation for agency/vendor relationships

Personal Background

Professional Experience

  • Senior Bank Officer - MBNA America (now Bank of America)
    • Management Development
    • Consumer Finance
    • Internal management consulting
  • Director, Marketing; Director Client Services; Technical Lead; Senior Consultant - Four dotcoms and consulting startups
    • longView Consulting
    • Ensured Solutions
    • Blue Ocean Technologies
    • LeagueMinder
  • Senior Manager, credit operations - Discover Financial Services
    • Operations - Credit, Call Center, Fraud and ID theft prevention, Workforce Management
    • Decline downsell program and monetization
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Distributed software applications
  • Director, Marketing - Enova Financial 
    • Ad/branding, direct response marketing, SEO, SEM, direct mail, email, Affiliate, Lead-buying, DRTV and Radio
  • Director, Business Development; Director, Rewards Marketing Strategies/Mobile Payments/Benefits & Services - Discover Financial Services (re-joined)
    • Business development, M&A, product development, cobrand and affinity cards
    • Rewards marketing
    • Mobile payments, eWallets, Apple Pay, Android Pay
  • Vice President and Chief Product Officer - Nationwide Bank
    • Biz dev, prod dev, product strategy
    • P&L management
    • Digital capabilities
    • Innovation

Core Competencies


Data & Analytics

Market research


Proofs-of-concept (POCs)

Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)


Rewards, CRM, & loyalty


Card-linked offers


Programmatic Media



Search (SEO, PPC, etc.)



API integration (Layer 7, Apigee, Mulesoft)


Agile & Rapid Prototypign


P&L management


Release management

Product development

Business development


Call center operations


Workforce Management (WFM)

Call routing and agent skilling

Decision engines (Strata, Blaze)

Functional expertise

Banking and financial services

Payments, mobile payments, e-wallets (e.g., Apple Pay, Android Pay)

Lending/Credit/Instant credit

ID theft/fraud prevention 

My executive philosophies


  • Communicate directly, openly, and frequently  
  • Set broad vision, don’t micromanage  
  • Harvard Business School's "Fair Process"


  • 4 P's of Marketing (Pricing, Product, Placement, Promotion) aren't enough - customer preference is now being driven by loyalty, engagement


  • Take more than your fair share of the blame, less than your fair share of the credit.
  • Surround yourself with a Circle of Winners.
  • There are different paths to success, and your path is your own.

How I manage

  • 1:1s are for development.  Status updates in meetings and standups.
  • Focus on everyone's Top 5 individual career concerns and aspirations.
  • Set the bar high and look for teachable moments.


  • Diligence in your test-and-learn approach.
  • Strong hypothesis-driven problem solving.
  • Fail fast, fail forward.

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